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Your dog needs somewhere to curl up at the end of a busy day, come in and see our wide range of Dog Beds, Crates, Mattresses, Blankets & Cushions.

With more than twenty-five years of industry experience, our friendly and courteous experts would be more than happy to help you choose from our fine selection of dog beds/crates.

Dog Beds
Since you are probably loath to go a night without the comfort of a warm bed, it seems unfair to make your valued canine companion go without the same nightly relief. Regardless of your dog’s size, breed or age, a quality dog bed will provide insulation from a hot or cold floor, give much needed cushioning for tired bones and joints and- perhaps most importantly of all- function as a safe, private oasis to retreat to when needed. A good dog bed can help keep your home in good shape as well, by collecting the majority of dog hair and dander into one easily cleanable place, and by discouraging forays onto less pet-friendly furniture.

Orthopaedic pet beds are available for ageing, overweight or arthritic dogs in need of specialised relief, while “nesting style” beds are available for smaller dogs to snuggle into for the extra warmth they require. For outdoor (or dirt-loving) dogs we also have tough, water resistant indoor/outdoor beds available.

French Bulldog lying in bed facing camera

Dog Crates, Carriers, and Containment
Along with the basic and premium small carriers needed to safely transport small dogs from place to place, we offer dog crates and enclosures for breeds, budgets and decors of all kinds. While some pet owners might enjoy the idea of giving their dog free reign, the truth is that a high-quality dog crate can provide your canine companion with a safe and familiar place to retreat to during times of stress. It can help to encourage structure and routine while you are with your dog, and prevent unwelcome or destructive behaviors when you are not. In practice, most dogs are going to end up spending some time in a crate or cage regardless of their owners’ best intentions- be it at the vets’ office, the groomers’, the boarding kennel or during transport. The use of a dog crate at home can minimise the anxiety and stress our friends experience during such eventualities.

The Expertise you Need
With more than 20,000 items available storewide, free local delivery and well trained, knowledgeable staff, Gilbert’s pet shop is your one-stop-shop for the dog beds/crates needed to keep your dog happy and healthy.

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