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Gilberts Pet’s is a family owned Pet Care and Service Company with many years of experience having been in the industry for 25 years assisting our clients in caring for their pets.

We maintain an extensive range of pet related products and merchandise with over 20,000 items from which to choose from.
We supply all grooming products for your birds, puppies, kittens, small mammals and sometimes even exotics!
We also maintain a large stock of tropical fish.

Horse and Foal in a stable

Our Unique Services

Among the many professional services we deliver:

Pet Bathing and Grooming Products
We specialise in pet bathing and grooming products. Our extensive range of bathing services includes ear cleaning, nail and hair trimming for all your pets.

Being a reputable and well respected Pet Shop in Torquay, we ensure our services remain of the best standards. Our products include pet grooming accessories for bathing, brushing, hair cutting, nail trimming, ear cleaning, flea & ticks control therapy, dental care, and vaccination.

Young Cat tucked under blankets

Animal and Pet Bedding
Similar to how we all enjoy the cosy softness of a well laid and warm bed, our cats, dogs, and other small pets (plus big ones like horses) also do. The pet beds we supply are designed with a view to meeting a variety of pet habits, preferences, and needs. From exotic orthopaedic foam cushions to simple yet elegant replicas of human bedding, our quality Pet bedding products are both stylish and practical additions to your home. If you keep horses, we also supply the best hay and straw!

    In addition, we also:

  • Offer friendly and expert maternity and infant care advice for your pets.
  • Pet health care & treats: Your cats, canines, birds, and fish will be spoilt by our healthy treats, snacks, and toys.
  • Pet nutritional advice to ensure that your loved pets stay healthy and strong.

Free Local Delivery
Any pet or product bought at our store will be delivered to your desired point within Torquay free of charge. We ensure your pet travels comfortably and safely. Your products will reach you intact as care is our second nature when it comes to serving you.

Contact us today
At Gilberts Pet Care, we value integrity and our premier goal is to give your pet high-quality care. We take pride in our excellent products that come with quality customer service along with valuable educational tips for our loyal pet customers. Our rates are surprisingly affordable. Call us or visit us today for more information.

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