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Gilberts Pets is based in the beautiful coastal town of Torquay in Devon. We aim to be your first choice for everything you need to keep your pets happy, healthy and well looked after. We offer friendly and expert advice on maternity and infant animals. With 25 year’s experience in pet care, we know that every pet is special to their owner and we cater for small pets as well as cats and dogs.

Grey bunny rabbit in a pile of straw hay

If you are thinking of a new little addition to your household, visit our pet shop to meet our hamsters, rabbits and fish. We can help you work out exactly what you need to care for your new pet. For rabbits, they will need a sturdy cage and bedding. Rabbits only need a few pellets to eat each day, with a constant supply of fresh hay, as this helps them keep their fast-growing teeth in good condition. A covered run will allow your rabbits to get some fresh air in the garden, whilst keeping them safe from predators. Don’t forget your rabbit’s water bottle, food bowl and pellets, plus maybe the odd little treat for special occasions. As all your new rabbit kit might be too big for you to take home in one go, we are happy to offer free local delivery.

Two Guinea Pigs next to a bowl of food

Hamsters are an ideal small pet for families, as they take up little space and although they may be a little timid initially, once they’ve got to know their new home they can be handled. Ask our friendly in-store experts for more information about which type of hamster would suit your family, as some hamster prefer to live alone and others are happier in groups. We can also help you select an appropriate size and design of cage for your hamster, along with the essential hamster ball for exercise! We also sell hamster food, treats and water bottles.

If you have other small pets such as ferrets, rats or guinea pigs, then visit us to stock up on food and bedding. We stock a wide range of pet food, including hypo allergenic ferret food, and can order in many other pet items for your little pals. We provide a click and collect service with a range of over 20,000 items available. Our family run business really does go the extra mile, as we want to make sure that you keep coming back to our pet shop, so we can carry on successfully for another 25 years and more.

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